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Before deciding to apply for a guide dog and have a detailed personal interview with our team, it is important to evaluate your own interest and readiness.

The criteria below, provide a framework to help you understand if you are ready to apply.

Doctor’s Certificate:

Have you been declared legally blind by an ophthalmologist?

Orientation and mobility skills

Are you confident in your orientation and mobility skills (e.g., are you able to hold a fairly straight line while walking, keep track of where you are on route)?
Are you able to navigate routes independently and to give direction to, and be an active partner with, a guide dog.

Walking ability

You must be able to walk for around 40 minutes each day.
If not, are you willing to develop the stamina and ability to walk this distance?



Health and fitness

You must be fit and healthy enough to be able to work with, and care for, a young and active guide dog.


To maintain a guide dog’s skills, you will be expected to work the dog daily using a combination of routes and practicing the commands.

Companionship & Interdependence

A guide dog is usually with you twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Do you like the idea of having a dog around when your guide is off duty?
An important part of having a guide dog is simply enjoying his or her companionship.
Living and working with a guide dog involves interdependence between human and dog. Are you ready to commit taking care of your guide dog?

Social Conditions:

Are those who live with you comfortable with having a dog in the home and are they willing to comply with some basic guidelines regarding the care, control, and behavior of your dog?

Dog welfare

Are you able to ensure that the guide dog will receive a good quality of life while in your care including meeting the bellow requirements?

  • Good Nutrition: Access to fresh water and a good diet.
  • Good Environment: Provide a safe and comfortable resting area and bed inside your home.
  • Good Health: Take the dog to the vet for health checks every six months.
  • Appropriate Behavior: Provide sufficient space, mental stimulation, and appropriate exercise for the age of your dog.

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