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In Liberty, we tailor the training of our dogs to meet the specific needs of each client developing a long-term rewarding relationship of mutual benefit. Through this process, our impact in changing lives is immense.

When connecting with organizations, we follow a similar process by using many ways to engage with them, depending on their needs, aiming to develop a long-lasting impactful relationship that will benefit our clients and thus society.

With the support of our corporate partners, we can contribute to a world with greater inclusion and opportunity for people with disabilities, making a positive difference in their lives, their families, and their communities.

There are many ways you can connect with Liberty as part of a corporate support program:

  • Through a Philanthropic Support
  • Through a Sponsorship at an event organized by Liberty
  • Through Corporate Volunteering
  • Through a donation in memory of a loved one

If you wish to become our corporate partner, please contact us filling in the form bellow and our team will discuss with you the corporate support program options to best suit your profile and goals.

Corporate Support Programme