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Need your Heartful Help

If you love dogs and want to make a positive difference in someone else’s life, then you may be the right person to enroll to Liberty’s puppy raising program. It is a highly rewarding and challenging experience, and it is worth it because not only you expand your knowledge, but you also give back! All your love, affection, time, and effort that you give to a puppy will become the solid foundation for him or her to build more complex skills during their future training for guide dogs or any other type of service dogs.

What it takes:

To become a Liberty puppy raiser, you do not need any previous experience. You just need to adore puppies, to be attentive learners and have a strong sense of purpose. Liberty team will support you all the way providing guidelines, help and all the supplies you need (crater for the dog, bed, toys, food, treats, dog lease and collar, full veterinary care coverage, dog microchip etc..).

From Nurturing to Socializing and everything in between

Puppy raisers are the backbone of Liberty’s program since they help puppies develop to their highest potential.
They are volunteers who adopt a puppy when he or she is 8 weeks old and they raise it until it reaches 14-18 months. During that time, apart from nurturing, puppy raisers are responsible to expose puppies to as many different experiences as possible in a positive way, get used to different types of people, children, and animals, as well as experience busy shops, metro stations and noisy cities.
Liberty Guide Dogs team is supporting foster families every step of the way providing advice and assistance. Frequent meetings are scheduled with Liberty instructors, appropriate food supplies are provided for the puppy, a crater, as well as free of charge veterinary care.
Liberty instructors systematically monitor the development of puppies at this stage of their lives. At the age of approximately 14 months, and after being considered to meet the specifications, our dogs return to the Liberty Assistance and Guide Dogs training center to initiate their training.
In Liberty, we acknowledge the contribution of our puppy raisers and we feel proud and honored to have them close to us.